Recommendations to Make Your Next Move Relaxing

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Recommendations to Make Your Next Move Relaxing

Do you think removals can be relaxing? Most people say no to that question, and in fact, moving is considered to be one of the most stressful events a person can go through. Hi! My name is Carrie, and I hope to change all that. In this blog, I am going to show you how to keep your move organised but also relaxing. A lot of it is just changing your perspective. For example, instead of dreading the act of cleaning a closet, you can see it as a chance to go through your memories. Instead of seeing new places as unfamiliar and daunting, I hope to help you see them as new and exciting. I love moving, and I hope to share some of my affection for it with you. Thanks for reading.


A Checklist of the Activities to Conduct on the Night Before You Move

Most homeowners get anxious on the night before the removal day. More often than not, they do not know how to prepare for the removals day. In most cases, there is too much to do within a short period. Below is a checklist of the things that you should do on the night before the big day. 

Check With the Removalist

Call the removalist and inquire if they have made any changes to your earlier agreement. For example, could be the removalist would want to change the arrival time. Go through the removals plan and inform the removalist of any adjustments that you would like to make. For instance, if you had promised to provide removal cartons, you could have had a change of mind and would want to use the removalist's cartons. 

Prepare Your Family

Prepare your family for the move. Typically, you should explain to them what they should expect once the removalist arrives in your home. Ask them how they would want their items packed. For instance, kids would want their toys packed in one box, while young adults would like to carry their laptops and gaming devices. Inform your family about the rules of engagement. For instance, they should not get in the removalist's way or help out with packing, loading, and offloading. This could void the removals insurance policy. 

Defrost Your Freezer 

Unplug your fridge to allow it to defrost. If you do not do this, the refrigerator will defrost in transit and water from the fridge could damage other items in the removals truck. Trays and drawers inside the fridge could get damaged during transportation. As such, you should remove them to ensure they are transported alongside other kitchenware. What do you have in your fridge? Consume or donate perishable foods that could go bad during transport. For example, you could invite your neighbours over and enjoy dinner. 

Pack Essentials

It is one of the most vital yet most forgotten preparation activities when planning to move your house. You will require toiletries and snacks during transit or once you arrive at your new home. It will be challenging to access these items before the removalist unloads and arranges things in the new house. Therefore, you should pack a carton of any essential items that you will need before settling in your new home. 

You now know the activities to conduct before the removals date. Check in with a house removals company, prepare your family, defrost your freezer and pack your essentials.