Recommendations to Make Your Next Move Relaxing

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Recommendations to Make Your Next Move Relaxing

Do you think removals can be relaxing? Most people say no to that question, and in fact, moving is considered to be one of the most stressful events a person can go through. Hi! My name is Carrie, and I hope to change all that. In this blog, I am going to show you how to keep your move organised but also relaxing. A lot of it is just changing your perspective. For example, instead of dreading the act of cleaning a closet, you can see it as a chance to go through your memories. Instead of seeing new places as unfamiliar and daunting, I hope to help you see them as new and exciting. I love moving, and I hope to share some of my affection for it with you. Thanks for reading.


3 Tips for Packing Your Soft Goods When You Move

When it comes to moving, most people only think about packing their their solid furnishings like beds and TVs. However, packing soft goods — linens, rugs, towels, mattresses, and the like — is essential too, and it can be just as challenging. Soft goods can be delicate and are easily damaged if packed incorrectly. If you have expensive soft goods like premium bed sheets and heirloom curtains, careful packing is even more important if you don't want them to lose value. Here are 3 tips for packing those soft goods up before you pass them on to your furniture removals team.

Keep Them Dry

Linens and rugs are highly porous, and that makes them susceptible to mold. The best way to avoid mold, which can cause a lot of damage to soft goods, is to keep everything completely dry. If you need to wash any of your linens or rugs before packing them, make sure you do so well in advance to give them time to dry out thoroughly. Wrapping them in durable plastic bags before boxing them can be a good way to keep any moisture out while the soft goods are in transit. A packing retailer will usually stock extra large bags for mattresses, too. Remember that plastic can also trap moisture in your soft goods, so keeping them dry before packing is even more imperative if you'll be wrapping them. 

Hang Delicate Soft Goods

Certain soft goods like high-end curtains can be quite delicate. Ideally, these goods should not be folded tightly, as folding could cause them to become damaged or misshapen, leading to expensive restoration costs. Instead of folding these soft goods, you can use wardrobe packing boxes to hang them. Hanging allows you to use minimal, loose folds to reduce the risk of damage. If space permits, you can also use wardrobe boxes for less delicate linens like bed sheets to reduce creasing and wrinkles.

Repurpose Old Linens

Before you move, it's always a good idea to sort out which items you want to keep, and which ones you should throw away. However, when it comes to sorting out old linens, don't trash them straight away. Old blankets and towels can be repurposed as padding material in your moving boxes. You can use them to wrap around items or to fill empty space in large boxes to reduce damage during transit. This will save you money and help you reduce waste, which can be particularly important if you've hired a small skip.