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Recommendations to Make Your Next Move Relaxing

Do you think removals can be relaxing? Most people say no to that question, and in fact, moving is considered to be one of the most stressful events a person can go through. Hi! My name is Carrie, and I hope to change all that. In this blog, I am going to show you how to keep your move organised but also relaxing. A lot of it is just changing your perspective. For example, instead of dreading the act of cleaning a closet, you can see it as a chance to go through your memories. Instead of seeing new places as unfamiliar and daunting, I hope to help you see them as new and exciting. I love moving, and I hope to share some of my affection for it with you. Thanks for reading.

Should You Move Your Own Pool Table?

When it comes to moving to a new home, many pool table owners think that moving their own pool table by themselves is the best option. After all, hiring a professional removalist company to move it can incur additional costs. However, moving a pool table can be risky business — both for the table itself and the person moving it. If you're thinking about moving your own pool table, ask yourself these 3 questions.

Can it be disassembled?

Now more and more companies are taking customer needs into account, some modern pool tables can be disassembled and reassembled with ease. However, many older or more premium pool tables can be very difficult or even impossible to dismantle. If your pool table's legs aren't detachable or the weight of the table makes it very hard to disassemble, it may not be a good idea to move the pool table yourself, as it will have to be moved in one heavy piece.

Is it durable?

What material is your pool table made from? While most of the traditional models are made from wood, some are primarily made from metal. Ultimately, a pool table with thick metal counterparts is going to be more durable than a wooden pool table. If you don't have experience with moving pool tables, a wooden table or a less solid metal table can be very easily dented, scuffed, or damaged. A lot of damage is generally cosmetic, causing your table to decrease in value. However, some damage can actually affect your ability to play by altering the way the balls move, particularly if the damage is done to the tabletop or the bottom of the legs. Unless your pool table is made of a particularly durable material, it's a good idea to have a professional move it to reduce the risk of damage.

Is it heavy?

Many pool table owners overestimate their strength or underestimate the weight of their table when it comes to moving it. The truth is that most pool tables, metal or wood, are very, very heavy, even for someone who considers themselves strong. Even when a table can be dismantled, the individual parts themselves (particularly the tabletop) can still be weighty. You'll usually be able to find a volunteer or 2 to help you, but unless you're all very strong and experienced in lifting heavy objects, you could easily do yourself some damage or drop the table and break it. Very heavy tables are best moved using a large moving trolley, so consider hiring a professional removals company who can provide one as well as load and unload the table safely.