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Recommendations to Make Your Next Move Relaxing

Do you think removals can be relaxing? Most people say no to that question, and in fact, moving is considered to be one of the most stressful events a person can go through. Hi! My name is Carrie, and I hope to change all that. In this blog, I am going to show you how to keep your move organised but also relaxing. A lot of it is just changing your perspective. For example, instead of dreading the act of cleaning a closet, you can see it as a chance to go through your memories. Instead of seeing new places as unfamiliar and daunting, I hope to help you see them as new and exciting. I love moving, and I hope to share some of my affection for it with you. Thanks for reading.


Two steps to take if you develop a stomach bug the night before you are supposed to move house

There is never a good time to get a stomach bug. However, developing an illness the night before you are supposed to move house is particularly unfortunate. If you should ever end up in this situation, here are the steps that you can take to ensure that this bug does not disrupt the moving process too much.

Remove everything but the essentials from the bathroom before the removals team arrives

If you have the energy, you should remove most of the items from your bathroom (such as your shower curtain, bath mat, laundry hamper, bathroom bin, etc.) and pack them up before the removals team arrives. The only things you should leave behind in this room are the items that you may need to use to cope with your illness (such as toilet roll, soap, mouthwash and a toothbrush if you have been vomiting, as well as cleansing wipes to clean your face and bleach to sanitise the toilet).

The reason for this is that if you're still sick when the employees from the moving company arrive, you will probably need to visit the bathroom regularly whilst they are in the house. If there are items in this area that the removalists need to take out to their van, you may spend a significant amount of time feeling overwhelmingly ill but being unable to access the toilet facilities because the employees are traipsing in and out of the bathroom.

Ensuring that this space is free from anything other than the essentials you personally need whilst being ill will prevent this from happening and will, therefore, allow you to deal with the unpleasant physical symptoms of this sickness without being interrupted or asked to leave the bathroom.

Contact the removals team to let them know that you are ill

It's also sensible to contact the removals team to let them know that you are ill as early as possible on the day when they will be arriving. The reasons for this are that if you originally told the company that you intended to help the employees to move your items but you are now unable to do this because of your illness, they may need to send an extra employee to your home to ensure that there are enough people to transport all of your possessions within the allotted amount of time that they have available to do this.

Second, if you warn them in advance, the removalists can take precautions to avoid catching your illness. They might, for example, take some hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes with them that they can use after they have handled your (potentially contaminated) belongings.

For more information, contact a removals company.